Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

Gaming competition at SoIL tomorrow


GREAT BAY – FTW-Gaming group is partnering with SoIL to host its monthly gaming competition, an event held to motivate the gaming and tech-loving members of the community to come out and participate for worthwhile prizes, Saturday at 11 a.m.

According to Sjorensly Valies, FTW Gaming is an enthusiastic young group that is in the process of proving to this nation that technology and education go hand in hand. The entire purpose of FTW is to highlight the underlying lessons that games, game theories and game based learning provide. We create a physical community where gamers and game enthusiasts can practice and hone their playing skills, speak and learn from like-minded individuals, and get introduced to various branches of education and the workforce that they may or may not have known to be highly involved in gaming and the gaming scene.

The FTW-Gaming group promotes more than just video games, as an extra feature there will be a shooting competition held to raise funds for the clubs under the FTW-Gaming that are dedicated to empowering kids to learn and do more by arming them with advance tools to promote their passion.

This month the emphasis is on the sports genre, mainly NBA2k17 and FIFA2k17 as these games will be replaced by the next edition in the series which launches later this month, and it will be the final time gamers can compete against each other in this edition of the game under the FTW banner.

The community is invited to play both digital and non-digital games, and shoot hoops at SoIL’s Hoops Arcade machine. “If you are a person who enjoys gaming, and everything else we do, and would love to advance your skills in current and future technologies, join our clubs that range from Drawing and Animation to Videography and Blogging,” says Valies.