Published On: Wed, Apr 5th, 2017

Opposition does not approve of President Daniel Gibbs

Daniel Gibbs and new territorial council

MARIGOT ( – Barely even in office, the opposition has made it known that they disapprove of the presidency of Daniel Gibbs.

The atmosphere was tense during the territorial councils under the presidency of Daniel Gibbs, the new president. The opposition visibly wished to make itself heard. Several signs were sent during the inauguration ceremony for the territorial council last Sunday..

The first sign was sent during the election of the president. Although in 2012, the opposition, comprised of six members of Team Gibbs (including Jules Charville), voted for Alain Richardson to thus highlight its fair play, this year the five members of the opposition seem to have adopted an entirely different attitude (votes were cast with a secret ballot); four of them abstained while one vote was blank.

The message is clear: Daniel Gibbs’s presidency is not approved of. And it is the man being targeted more than the Team.

In fact, when it was a matter of electing the four vice-presidents and the two territorial counselors members of the executive council, those who had abstained or voted null for president ultimately voted, unanimously, for the four presidents. Not without difficulties, however.

Finally, at the end of the ceremony, the new members of the territorial council sat in the deliberation room to adopt the first two measures, those to confer powers on the president and the territorial and executive councils. Louis Mussington and Jules Charville commented on the texts.

Before voting, Alain Richardson requested time to read the texts and confirmation that this was, in fact, the same deliberation that he had presented five years ago when he was seated in Daniel Gibbs’s place. “I am allowing myself this joke… This is, in fact, the deliberation that you had refused to vote on in 2012… That was just a joke,” he commented. And Daniel Gibbs replied: “Only fools don’t change their minds. You see, we have evolved.”

The opposition knew how to make itself heard. “The tone is set,” Daniel Gibbs had stated several minutes earlier.

Photo above caption: President Daniel Gibbs with the new Territorial Council last Sunday. Photo