Published On: Sun, Oct 15th, 2017

Worth a try

MP Sarah Wescot-Williams hits the nail on the head with her letter to the Kingdom Council of Ministers, though we can imagine that some readers might feel that the letter is a form of humiliating groveling.

But nobody can fault her analysis. Like us, she does not see the connection between the transparent execution of reconstruction projects and the establishment of the Integrity Chamber.

Like us, she figures that an effective control mechanism can address this issue more effective and much faster. We have suggested earlier teaming up a Dutch High Commissioner with a local expert like Ronald Halman, the chairman of our General Audit Chamber. That’s cooperation.

Will Wescot-Williams’ letter sort any effect? To be honest: we doubt it very much but it was worth a try. As the Dutch are used to saying: nee heb je en ja kun je krijgen.