Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Spirit Airlines delivers in time of need

SXM Airport — The Spirit Airlines flight NK 8080 landed yesterday at Princess Juliana International SXM Airport as promised. The free relief flight, courtesy of the management of the Florida-based airline company, did two things today. It brought back home a group of St. Maarteners who were stranded in the United States and it took away passengers that were more than eager to capitalize on the free trip out of St. Maarten.

While it remains unclear what the exact seating capacity was, from the number of persons that were seen at the entrance of the available point of entry at the PJIA airport terminal building (see photo below), only those whose applications were received first stood a better chance of boarding the aircraft.

Passengers at SXM Airport waiting to board Spirit Airlines flight

According to a press statement issued earlier this week by the cabinet of the Ministry of Aviation Affairs, only persons legally eligible to enter the US may fly out from St. Maarten. Persons wishing to travel to the US on the Spirit Airlines free flight should be US citizens, permanent residents of the US, or if visiting must have valid travel documents allowing travel to the US, sufficient funds for their stay, and onward tickets to depart the US.

The aforementioned press statement also mentioned that the head of the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau Rolando Brison thanked Spirit Airlines for its willingness to assist the residents of St. Maarten and maintain an open dialogue with tourism officials on St. Maarten. “We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Purchon and Spirit Airlines in executing this flight for St. Maarten,” Brison was quoted as saying.

Spirit Airlines landing at SXM Airport

The Spirit Airlines return flight NK 8081 was scheduled to depart St Maarten at 2.15pm and arrive back in Fort Lauderdale at 6.45 pm.